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eHouse, eCity Server Software BAS, BMS, IoE, IoT Systems and Platform
eHouse.PRO | Hybrid | BMS software for Building Automation System (BAS) assures hybrid work (wired+wireless) with 6 types of communication interfaces.
Main Communication Interfaces:
  • PRO DiY (Central)
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)
  • RS-422 (Full Duplex RS-485)
  • WiFi (WLAN)
  • Ethernet (LAN)
  • RF (SubGHz)

Server Software functionality
  • Control External Security System
  • Direct access to databases (MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL)
  • Control via WWW
  • Control Media Player
  • Integrate eHouse variants
  • System integrations - protocols BACNet IP, Modbus TCP, MQTT, LiveObjects
  • Cloud/Proxy server communication
  • Control External Audio/Video System
eCity IoT Platform/Cloud uses the same "compiled" binary Server Software as eHouse.PRO with some exclusions (as no hardware interfaces might be connected in data center).