eHouse CAN/RF Smart Home System Variants (SH)- for Joint-Venture | B2B | Co-Production | Franchize | Rebranding

eHouse Hybrid Smart Home, Building Automation Systems
eHouse CAN/RF hybrid Smart Home solution contains:
  • eHouse RF (Wireless - RF plugable module)
  • eHouse CAN (Wired)

This solution is available only for B2B, Joint-Venture, Co-Production, Franchize, Rebranding business models (Please refer to eHouse WiFi for sales).
This solutions do not require devastation of already finished houses, apartments.

Communication Interfaces for Smart Home:
  • Radio expansion module (SubGHz - Wireless)
  • Controller Area Network (CAN - Wired)

You may also use Wired Building Automation Solutions: eHouse LAN (Ethernet), eHouse One (RS-422), eHouse PRO (Central), or Wireless (eHouse WiFi).