eHouse One (RS-422) Building Automation System (BAS).

IoE, IoT Systems
eHouse One Building Automation System (BAS) uses RS-422 (RS-485 Full Duplex) industrial serial interface for communication.
eHouse One system contains of a few controlers:
  • HeatManager HVAC controller (Optimized to Control BoilerRoom)
  • RoomManager (Optimized for Control whole Rooms)
  • CommManager (Works as eHouse One server). This controller support Control drives, servos, centrally and organize them into programs

eHouse One controllers have also auxiliary (optional) communication interfaces which could be allocated for system expansions:
  • UART (for BlueTooth expansion)
  • UART
  • PWM (For Dimming)
  • UART (for Access Control reader)
  • SPI/I2C
  • Infrared (RX/TX)

Main eHouse One system Controllers functionality (overall)
  • Control Audio/Video Systems via Infrared
  • Control Lights (on/off, dimmable) + light scenes/programs
  • Measurement and regulation (eg. Temperature) + regulation programs
  • Build In Security System with SMS notification + zones and security masks (by CommManager)
  • Control Room (Hotel, ApartHotel, CondoHotel)
  • Control Drives, servos, cutoff, shade awnings, doors, gates, gateways, windows + drives programs (by CommManager)

eHouse One is suported by eHouse.PRO server
Server Software functionality
  • Control External Security System
  • System integrations - protocols BACNet IP, Modbus TCP, MQTT, LiveObjects
  • Control External Audio/Video System
  • Integrate eHouse variants
  • Control via WWW
  • Control Media Player
  • Cloud/Proxy server communication