VIPeMail as a Service. Target to VIPs | CEOs | GMs | Board of Directors (BoDs) | TOP Management.

The target of the VIP eMail platform is to reach extreme and rapid business opportunities by direct contacting decidents:
  • Business Development Managers (BDM)
  • Shareholders
  • "TOP of The World"
  • General Managers (GM)
  • Chairmans
  • Board of Directors (BoD)
  • TOP Management
  • Presidents
  • Chief Executive Officers (CEO)

This is restricted to TOP business opportunities:
  • Technology Transfer
  • Company Buyouts
  • Investment Queries
  • Co-Productions
  • Strict Confidential Information
  • Joint-Ventures
  • Merge & Acquisitions (MA)
  • Franchizes
  • Investment Relations
  • Rebrandings
  • Sell Business
This Premium VIP eMail Service is very limited and restricted.

We do not accept Orders of VIP eMail Services in case of:
  • Spam
  • Suspicious content
  • Not Verified ordering company
  • Anonymous, Not Signed eMails
  • Anything what is not accordance to our conscience and moral rules
  • Propaganda
  • Scam
  • Fraud
  • Advertising

Ordering Party is responsible for accordance with the law and persons selection.

How VIPeMail Service works?

  • Our AI Search Bot crawling most important Public services (Stock Exchanges, Reports Portal, Government Data, Media, etc.) for public Person information. The Data are regularly actualized by sequential checking and sending eMail to each Person.
  • We do not use external spammers or illegally poses email databases
  • We do not send emails to private accounts, free email accounts, hosted on email hostings/services
  • We store only following information available publicly in the Internet:
    • eMail Addresses
    • Full Public Company Info
    • web Page Address
    • Full Names of TOP Management
  • eMail addresses are captured and verified by our AI eMail Search Robot
  • Our Smart AI eMail Robot tries to send eMails to the published and non-published email addresses.
  • In case of no reception of error message - returned to sender (Invalid Address) in 7 days we assume eMail reached its destination. There is no golden way to check in this case, if it was read, unless user confirm or reject reading. However, this is optional in most email clients and can be ignored without sending any confirmation).
  • Our AI eMail Robot modify each email as much as possible to looks unique for eMail servers, Spam Protection Algorithms, etc.
  • We support both Text and HTML message format. Please have in mind that links in HTML message may look suspicious for some Anti-Spam Algorithms and message might be blocked by the server without notice
  • We support messages with or without attachments. Please have in mind that attachment in message may look suspicious for some Anti-Spam Algorithms and message may be blocked by the server. Maximal size of accepted messages are individual setting for each server. Big message can also full-up mailbox, if it is small or not have sufficient space. We suggest to keep overall size of the email lower than 4MB.
  • Our AI eMail Bot sends from dozens different static IPs and dozens of domains/email addresses.
  • In Special cases we may use customer domain/email address, servers for this.
  • In Special cases we may establish new server hosting (new domain, new IP, new email address) with "carte-blanche".
  • Return path may be set to customer email address otherwise interactive reply messages will be forwarded to customer email address.
  • We send report to the customer what person from the company received en email.
  • Neither customer or any third party get email addresses available in VIPeMail service. Our intention is keep service active and confidential, non-banned, and we do not want VIPs email addresses get changed due to the massive spam activity.
  • We do not sell or share our eMail Database to third parties

Partnership opportunity:

For Companies and Freelancers we offer possibility of cooperation based on commission. We are looking for "ambassadors" for local markets. Contact Us To Learn More