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Covid-19 changed standard business relations completely, and move them to the Internet.
From 2019 many lock-downs, restrictions limit possibility and efficiency of direct business contacts:
  • has drastically limited the number of fairs, exhibitions, presentations, and pro-business events
  • significantly reduced the number of exhibitors and visitors at public fairs
  • forced Internet sales and marketing
  • increased risk of traveling, meetings
  • the risk of contracting a Corona-Virus during human contact, travel has significantly increased
  • moved many businesses to the internet
  • limited the possibility of direct advertising of goods and services
  • significantly limited the possibility of groupings
  • has forced many companies to change industries
  • minimized business meetings, events
  • resulted in the bankruptcy of many companies
  • limited the number of business trips
  • forced online sales, promotion and marketing
  • resulted in job cuts in many companies and higher unemployment rate

Post Covid-19 Business

Starting from 2020, business in many industries, is a struggle to survive until better times.
However, the end of COVID-19 and its mutant variants, is not visible.
Scientists predict up to 5-year bans and restrictions in periods of subsequent waves of the pandemic.
To enable the "existence" of the majority of small, medium and large companies, producers of goods, we provide services that allow you to transfer a large part of your business to the Internet.
Our services are many times cheaper than advertisements on websites or in search-engines, and are permanent (not charged for "clicks" or "displaying an advertisement" on a website).
They are also much more effective than the artificial search-engine positioning service, and they work much faster (after weeks, not years).

Don't Fight With Search-Engines ... Use Them Wisely!!!

We supply many Internet Global Marketing solutions for:
  • Auto-Promotion in Search-Engines
  • Search-Engine Positioning
  • Digital Advertising
  • Digital Business Transformation
  • Internet Global Marketing
  • Auto-Advertising in Search-Engines
  • Internet Global Advertising
  • Global, Regional, Geo-Localized promotions, marketing, advertisement
  • Internet, Digital Marketing
  • Geo-Localized auto-promotions, auto-marketing, auto-advertisement in search engines (global, local, regional)

Some of Our Digital Marketing Solutions:
  • eRobot - Investigate the internet and Big-Data processing
  • Multi-language content generation for SEO, linking positioning
  • Positioning, Targeting content to specific country, region, city
  • eGlobalTranslator - Translate original content to more then 100 languages to be discovered by global and regional internet search-engines
  • VIPeMail - CEO, BdM, GM, VIP email Service to reach decidents to boost your business