eHouse.PRO DIY - Buildng Automation System

IoE, IoT Systems
eHouse.PRO/Hybrid Building Automation System (BAS) is hybrid solution (wired+wireless) with 5 types of communication interfaces.
Main Communication Interfaces:
  • PRO DiY (Central)
  • RF (SubGHz)
  • Ethernet (LAN)
  • RS-422 (Full Duplex RS-485)
  • Controller Area Network (CAN)
  • WiFi (WLAN)

eHouse.PRO DIY Hardware solution use high amount low cost I/O buffers. It contains:
  • one variant of the computer from: Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi/Pro, Orange Pi, Thinker Board
  • Port expansion module (RS-422, SPI, I2C)
  • CAN/RF gateway in case of using eHouse CAN or eHouse RF
  • SPI Input buffers (128) with security outputs with relays (Silent, Horn, Early Warning, Monitoring, Warning)
  • I2C/SPI Output buffers (128) with relay drives

This gives possibility to create centralized low budget DIY installation with high amount of I/O and connects non IP hybrid (wireless/wired) installation.
This solution might be sensitive to EMI disturbances in case of invalid installation in the switchboard as it use high speed low voltage SPI/I2C interfaces.
To avoid EMI problems eHouse One or eHouse LAN should be used as I/O Expansion modules instead of SPI/I2C low cost I/O modules.

eHouse controllers have also auxiliary (optional) communication interfaces which could be allocated for system expansions:
  • SPI/I2C
  • DMX light control
  • Infrared (RX/TX)
  • Dali light control
  • PWM (For Dimming)
  • RFID Card Reader (expansion)
  • UART
  • BlueTooth (expansion)

Main eHouse system Controllers functionality (overall)
  • Control Room (Hotel, ApartHotel, CondoHotel)
  • Control HVAC (Ventilation, Recuperation, Central Heating, Heat Buffer)
  • Control Swimming Pool
  • Control Audio/Video Systems
  • Build In Security System with SMS notification + zones and security masks
  • Measurement and regulation (eg. Temperature) + regulation programs
  • Control Drives, servos, cutoff, shade awnings, doors, gates, gateways, windows + drives programs
  • Control Lights (on/off, dimmable) + light scenes/programs

Server Software functionality
  • Integrate eHouse variants
  • Control External Security System
  • Cloud/Proxy server communication
  • Control Media Player
  • System integrations - protocols BACNet IP, Modbus TCP, MQTT, LiveObjects
  • Control via WWW
  • Control External Audio/Video System